Thursday, February 3, 2011

Commonwealth public servant

Dear everybody

When I say I am a Commonwealth public servant it does not mean I work for the Australian Tax Office. Apart from anything else I can't count or add up.

I like to think that I write for Australia.

lots of love



Ampersand Duck said...


Roger Parkinson said...

So more literate than numerate?

What is it about tax collectors? Even in the bible people hated them (and the message there is that some of them are okay even when they work for the occupying forces). We have to keep the schools and hospitals open somehow.

Penthe said...

Oh, I'm in favour of tax collectors all right. I'm just not actually one of them. I also don't work for Centrelink or Medicare, and I'm very grateful for the way they spend tax payers money. (For those of you who do not spend lots of time in Australia, Centrelink are the mob who pay you unemployment benefits and other social welfare stuff. They used to be called the Department of Social Security, but they had to change the name, because people started to understand what it meant).