Friday, February 18, 2011

Townhouse and debts.

So it seems we may have bought a townhouse, good bank willing and the creek don't rise.

Actually, it's a building society, not a bank, we are waiting judgement from. Is a funny old thing, telling a building society everything about your financial history. Also, I think instead of first home buyer grants, the government should just wipe your HECS debt, should you happen to have acquired one over a 20 year period.

And I would just like to say that 'indexation' over the period of my various HECS debts adds up to $5569 (including minus $3.00 in 1998 during a period of negative inflation). That's a graduate certificate or half a masters degree right there. Effectively in my earning career I have so far not quite managed to pay off the indexation. This seems somewhat wrong-ish to me.

I don't think our townhouse will be the same as Mr Darcy's townhouse.


Roger Parkinson said...

HECS Higher Education something something? Or did you do a degree in magic (HEX?) Sounds like what we call student loans.

Before the Flood, when I went to university, they paid us. Well, they only paid us if we kept passing exams. All the people who brought in the loans scheme benefited from that earlier one. This is called karma, or maybe not.

Mr Darcy's townhouse had running servants. Yours will have running water. There are advantages to both, but running water is very good.

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! I hope it turns into a lovely home.

Penthe said...

Thanks Charlotte.

Yes, running water is very good indeed.