Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh I don't know

Stuff happened, and then some other stuff happened. Traffic.

Angry at woman at the service station.

Ice cream. Lentil salad. Not in that order.


Compliment on cupcakes.

Blood out to the Red Cross. Crackers and cheese in from the Red Cross.

Fainty man.

Leftover salt and vinegar chips. Give em away give em away give em away now.

Multiculturalism, yes, racism, no.


Ampersand Duck said...


Roger Parkinson said...

They won't take my blood.
They think I might have Mad Cow.

Well, they think anyone who spent time in the UK over a certain period might have Mad Cow, so it's not personal.

I do feel left out though.
Perhaps I should donate a kidney.
Oh, same problem I guess.

Penthe said...

Mad kidney. Urk.