Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm wondering which person came up with that number, and how they figured it out.

Did they decide how much they were going to spend all together and divide it by the amount of 'low and middle income earners' in Australia? Or did they think, it's nearly $1000, but a bit less, so we don't sound extravagant.

Or was it this:

HIGGINS. I suppose we must give him a fiver.

PICKERING. He'll make a bad use of it, I'm afraid.

DOOLITTLE. Not me, Governor, so help me I wont. Dont you be afraid that I'll save it and spare it and live idle on it. There wont be a penny of it left by Monday: I'll have to go to work same as if I'd never had it. It wont pauperize me, you bet. Just one good spree for myself and the missus, giving pleasure to ourselves and employment to others, and satisfaction to you to think it's not been throwed away. You couldnt spend it better.

HIGGINS [taking out his pocket book and coming between Doolittle and the piano] This is irresistible. Lets give him ten. [He offers two notes to the dustman].

DOOLITTLE. No, Governor. She wouldnt have the heart to spend ten; and perhaps I shouldnt neither. Ten pounds is a lot of money: it makes a man feel prudent like; and then goodbye to happiness. You give me what I ask you, Governor: not a penny more, and not a penny less.

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Courtney said...

"Aaauwwww... Get on wiv ya! (fetching smudge on nose, crumpled hat brim, grateful eyes) Fanks, prime-inista."