Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School and work, work and school

Apart from anything else, I clearly have the best deal of anyone in the family since I go to air conditioned work every day. And though I am not in favour of air conditioning as a general principle, once the degrees get above 34 or so my principles melt away.

The Noodle is back at school this week. Same bat class room. Same bat teacher. Different bat grade.

He was rather anxious in the beginning, but seems to have slipped back into the routine without issues once the hurdle of turning up on the first day was gotten over (or knocked down or whatever it is people do with hurdles these days). Of course, the fact that the weather seems determined to boil or bake everyone alive is unhelpful to the learning process. I would report on what it is he does at school but I don't know because he never tells me. I thought that this only happened in the teenage years.

I started in my new area at work two weeks ago. I have been learning lots and lots and lots. I'm not convinced I understand some of it yet, even though it is easier to learn in the air conditioning. It's not really a very new area, since I've moved about five metres from my old spot, but it's new enough to be challenging.

Next week we have a new graduate starting in our section. So I'll be the ex-graduate. I hope I can sustain my imitation of a grown up.

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