Friday, February 6, 2009


You know, I reckon we've all become a little distracted with this whole infrastructure thing. While some ideas are A1 - you can't argue with more public housing, for example - I think we might be forgetting other economy stimulating ideas. If I was spending $42 billion (said in a loud and surprised tone of voice) I would spend some on intellectual infrastructure (I just made this term up for myself).

Also, despite the fact that I am looking forward to my $950 (not that it sounds like much compared to $42 billion), I would vastly prefer it to be spent on providing better government services. Free universal dental care anyone?

Anyway. My intellectual infrastructure would consist of income support while people go to university to train in Useful and Worthy occupations. I include such things as teachers, doctors, nurses and ambulance officers. I also include writers, social researchers (even the ones who do statistics) and artists. Apprentices too, plumbers, electricians, builders and cheese makers. My plan will solve several problems. It'll reduce old friend skills shortage that the PM was yarning about a year or so ago, it'll keep the unemployment figures down (which governments like), it'll stimulate the economy (because there is nothing like young folk for short-term irresponsible spending) and it'll contribute to the general value and niceness of our society and culture. Of course not only young people will take advantage of this offer. It's open to people of all ages for re-training, more training and training about trains (a skill-set clearly lacking in some large urban areas of Australia).

I'm not sure about more training for economists or those people who do 'modelling' but they are welcome to learn some more about nineteenth century French literature or jazz if they wish.

Other things I would spend bucket loads of cash on are restoring that 'universal' bit to the healthcare system so that poor people can actually go to the doctor whenever they need to, restoring and improving public transport, building bike paths off roads and forcefully resuming all properties along the Brisbane river and turning the lot into parks and community centres.

That'll do for now. Any suggestions welcome, just in case I ever find myself as the Dictator of Australia.


aztec-rose said...

I like you're last suggestion about the Brizy river, but if the 1974 floods couldn't move those people nothing will. But yeah I agree investment in education, skills and social infrastructure could never be money wasted. As much as I could use that $950, I'd rather we all spend it on the above.

Penthe said...

Heh, floods. I think it would require tanks and tear gas at the very least.