Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The best children's books ever

Becauase the Guardian knows not uncertainty! Even about something kind of subjective like the Best Children's Books Ever.

You'd never guess from the headline that this para would follow lower down:
The following – a combination of personal recommendations, enduring classics and currently popular borrowings from school and public libraries – are suggestions and starting points only, of course (and the age ranges attached even more so), but hopefully there will be something, somewhere for everyone.
The lists are quite nice, if you are a person who has not ever thought about children's books before. Which I think is zero of you out there. But hey, a stranger might accidentally pop by one of these days. You never know.

You would be better off going to visit Charlotte's Library or Misrule, O Stranger with a burning need to know about children's books. They will tell you much stuff about many books, authors and other wordly items.


Charlotte said...

Gee, thanks!

ThirdCat said...

oh, you've gone a lovely shade of green Pen. I like it very much indeed.

Penthe said...

Yes, time for a change.