Friday, May 28, 2010

The coolest thing ever

Things that have been the coolest thing ever recently:

Google Chat
Pocket Money
My brother's old skeleton money box

The Noodle finds many other things cool, but those are the coolest, apparently.

He thought that the kids at school had invented using 'cool'. Hahahahahahahahaha. He was shocked to find he was at least the third generation in our family to say 'cool'.


ThirdCat said...

skype is teh bomb...if you ever want to show Noodle the inside of an Abu Dhabi loungeroom, look me up

Penthe said...

He is voracious for knowledge of all kinds, so maybe we will.

Shayne Parkinson said...

"Cool" has amazing longevity. Usually the previous generation's in-words are about as uncool as their underwear.

GMT+10 said...

We're trying to bring back 'trendoid' - do you think we'll have any success? He's right of course. All of these things are immensely cool.