Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things you think about when you don't have a book on the bus

Grey hairs are not all the same. Some are silver and coarse. Some are soft and really grey. Others are wheat coloured.

Most women dye their hair and hardly any men do (on my bus).

The public service is full of people who want to answer questions and help people, but presumably not in the Defence Signals Directorate or ASIS.

What's for dinner?

Sheryl Crowe. Did she ever actually have some fun until the sun came up over Santa Monica Boulevarde?

Quite a lot of people I went to uni with have published books (most recently Ben Law). It was a creative writing degree, so it makes sense. I wonder why some people have stopped writing and other people never stop writing.

Four days a week sounds like a great idea. I like the idea of being able to describe myself as 0.8.

I wonder if playing with my hat would be interesting for a minute or two? Not really.

Look, that's the house with all the downlights, not far now.

Why does that guy get off a stop earlier than me when his house is right across the road from our house.

'Thanks, bye'.


kazari said...

Do you think it's because they stopped writing or they just stopped showing people what they write?

Once upon a time I thought everybody wrote (at least a diary, or their thoughts, occasionally), and everybody read (even if they didn't do it to the exclusion of all else, as I couldn't seem to help).
I realised about the not-readers before I realised about the not-writers.

Roger Parkinson said...

Working from home 2 days a week is pretty good too, though it lacks the '0.8' description.

cristy said...

Can you ask that guy across the road? I'm curious.

Maybe it has something to do with increasing his daily amount of 'incidental exercise'?

Ampersand Duck said...

I was thinking about that hair dye thing too. I don't know any men who dye their hair, but nearly every woman I look at has hair colour. Must be a very profitable industry. Note to self: hair colour shares.