Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Public service

A person has learned all kinds of brilliant things by being in the public service. All kinds of wonderful opportunities have been offered and taken advantage of. Interesting people have presented themselves, talking about all kinds of fascinating stuff. With the exception of the odd meeting and jaw-dropping moments of astonishment, the past few years have been pretty darned good.

But, a person really, really knows that they are a public servant when have just sent in an application for their own job. Although, I do love that what I am doing at the moment is called 'acting up'.

To think, I used to get in such trouble for that very thing.


Roger Parkinson said...

If a person is applying for their own job does that mean they are making people redundant?

Penthe said...

No, luckily, quite the contrary. Our bit is getting some extra people for a particular project. I've been working on the project already, in an acting role, now I have to get a permanent role at my present level. Otherwise I'll have the job at a lower level. Can't lose really, which is a nice feeling.

Roger Parkinson said...

That is good to hear.