Thursday, June 24, 2010


Went to bed last night with someone counting the numbers and by morning tea time we had a new PM.

A person is not quite sure what to think yet. A person is nonplussed about the new Deputy PM. A person is nonplussed about Lindsay Tanner's decision to resign at the next election.

A person is quite plussed about the first woman PM, though.

A person may have had tears during Kevin Rudd's speech. It was not nice watching Therese Rein cry.

I do hope that the Best Department Evah retains its minister. I don't think I can cope with too much change all at once.


Wendy said...

Your Best Minister Evah seemed most confident yesterday. An announcement should be Monday 28th.
Fingers crossed.
He assured some of us he's lost several kilogrammes so not quite so chubby, but still inviting a cuddle. Self control won the day.
Don't know what he was in this part of the world for, it was a very quick visit with us.

Penthe said...

Thank you Dr Insider.