Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Discrimination link

Cristy, in a garden somewhere, defining and deploring discrimination wherever it may be found.

Cristy also has links to other recent posts about attitudes to children in public spaces, and the 'I hate children' discourse that seems so acceptable to so many adults. It's been *ahem* a 'robust' discussion.


kazari said...

Holy Cow.
As a new mum, i've dealt with friends who 'don't like children' and some of the stuff people have said in the comments.
but wow.
that's a whole level of narkiness i didn't expect...

Roger Parkinson said...

The annoying kids are also annoying to the quiet kids (I know, I was one of the latter) so this may be not so much kid discrimination, possibly more specific than that.

Even so, parenting is a tough job and people have to be a bit tolerant.

I think when she compares child-friendly spaces (like family resturants) with the kinds of places blacks were relegated to is spirious. People go to a lot of trouble to make such places fun for kids, I don't think that was ever the case for blacks.

GMT+10 said...

I read the comments left at In the Garden and I have to agree with the woman who wrote that the best way to ensure well behaved children is to have them well-integrated into your broader society. Not just fast food joints and ghastly shopping centres - (which destroy my soul, so what must they do to impressionable young 'uns?)
Ever since returning from my brief stay in Sweden I have come to realise that we organise Australian society these days like we hate children. It didn't feel so much like that when I was growing up, but then my family didn't spend much time in flash restaurants I suppose!