Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day

A person is feeling a bit disenchanted with late-capitalist individualism, actually. Apparently feminism is over because some women can afford $150 bras *insert squeal here*.



GMT+10 said...

Happy 100th IWD to you also, Penthe - and thank you Alexandra Kollontai. (Ball boys had nothing to do with it.)

Roger Parkinson said...

You probably knew NZ women got the vote first, but you probably didn't know that is was a mistake by the PM at the time. He thought parliament would vote the other way or he'd have stopped the bill. So much for our lofty aims.

Also, depending on how you count these things, the Isle of Man and Wyoming beat us to it. Wyoming doesn't really count because there weren't any women there then (but they had hopes!)*. Neither counts as a separate country, which is why we win.

Though allowing the vote and standing for office are two different things. It was a long time later that women here were allowed to stand for parliament.

Happy Women's Day.

*I should qualify that. There weren't any WHITE women there then. But the others weren't given the vote anyway.