Friday, March 18, 2011


At the swimming pool today, some kid called my kid a loser.

My kid is in a beginner swimming class, despite being 9, because he has missed out on a lot of swimming-class chances through being sick or recovering from being sick. Getting cold is a real problem for him, and it's harder than you think to find very warm swimming pools.

I think the other kid called my kid a loser because he was in that class.

My kid was pretty calm about it. Generally he thought it reflected badly on the other kid, not on him. My kid said sometimes other kids at school have called him a loser, but he doesn't mind because no one likes those other kids. None of his friends or people whose opinions he cares about would say such a thing, he said.

I wasn't calm about it. My first impulse was to go and push the other kid over. My kid said it's lucky I'm not the kind of person who actually does things like that.

He's very sensible. I remain outraged.


mimbles said...

*hugs* I was spluttering my similar outrage all over twitter just recently. Much kudos to you for having produced a sensible kid and to him for being awesome.

kazari said...

your son is absolutely awesome.
and that other kid is clearly lacking some social graces that will mark him a loser long after all swimming lessons are forgotten.

tc said...

*hugs* from me too.
What a kid you've got there. And what a mum he's got.

Roger Parkinson said...

What an amazing kid you have.
I kind of thought as much from other things you said. But this... wow!

Penthe said...

Thanks all. I wish I could take some credit for the kid's sense and grace, but that's two things I lack utterly.

Ampersand Duck said...

It's called the School of Hard Knocks, and is helped by wide reading. He rawks.

Charlotte said...

Rotten kid! I want to go push him too.

Kudos to your boy, for being so clearly a finer child!

Revie said...

I just saw this Pen, sorry I missed it earlier but I wanted to add my support and admiration for your boy.