Thursday, March 24, 2011

A nice letter to the people who think that paying public servants is a waste of tax payers' money

Dear tax payers who would rather their money was not spent on paying public servants, because you think it is a waste of your money,

Which of these things would you like to give up today?

Well maintained roads
A health system that is available if you have an emergency
An air safety system
The defence forces
The police forces
Public toilets
Public gardens
Clean air
Clean water
Access to drinking water in your taps
A system that takes your smelly pooh and wee away from your house
Children's television
Classical music
Food that is safe to eat
Medicine that you can afford to buy
A system that protects your children from being exploited for their cheap labour
Public transport
Road safety
Australian Standards
Research that might save your life
Family tax benefits
The age pension
Benefits for veterans
Quarantine which keeps things like rabies out of the country

I could go on, but I'm sure you get my point.

Lots of love

A Public Servant (who also pays taxes, actually)


GMT+10 said...

Who has been slighting public servants? Point me in their direction and I will give them what-for...

Roger Parkinson said...

When people complain to me about how much tax they pay and explain their various ways of avoiding it my usual comment is that I, too, pay heaps of it, but someone has to keep the schools and hospitals going. I guess I could wave this list at them too.

But one thing, if I actually took your post literally, I could lose:

"A system that takes your smelly pooh and wee away from your house"

We have a composting toilet. It works well. But that's us.