Friday, March 11, 2011

Sticky beaks

So why does the bank need to know our marital status anyway?

So why does the bank, having demanded we tell them our marital status, get it wrong and write 'de facto' in our contract, despite us ticking 'married' in the box in the application?

And where is the 'registered civil partnership' box, if they are really concerned with our status as registered with the government or not?

Is there really no one at the bank who is married but has a different surname to their partner?

And despite us always putting my name first on the forms, as the main breadwinner, why is my name always always below the husband's name on the versions that come back?

And apparently no one has read Anne of Green Gables, because they cannot spell a person's name right.


Charlotte said...

ohhhhh I get cross at just those same things! Just today, for instance, I seethed when I saw my husband's name listed at the orthodontists as "responsible party" even though I've been paying for it all with my credit card! grrrrr.

Roger Parkinson said...'s because you're only girls *ducks* Seriously, I do agree banks (& orthodontists etc) need to make a small effort here. It wouldn't take much.

Reminds me of a friend's story. She was organising a loan for herself+defacto. She used the term 'partner' and bank official (being very inclusive) assumed the partner was a 'she'. Well, give them marks for trying.

tc said...


Ampersand Duck said...

oohhhhh, I know your pain! I've had exactly the same thing happen at this end. I HATE BANKS. Now I suspect that our new credit card has been issued in his name and I'm his dependent (even though we have a joint account) and if that the case, I will give them curry.

Penthe said...

Give them curry all right. Right in the kisser. *thinks* I suppose curry in the kisser is actually probably where you want it, actually.

Stupid things that make me angry.

Roger, your story reminds me of a story about two people with doctorates in literature trying to buy a house together and real estate agents only showing them places with attached surgeries.

Charlotte, I am sorry that you are dealing with orthodontists. Horrors.