Friday, October 17, 2008

Chapter books and law breaking

If you go to visit Eglantine's Cake you will find some excellent chapter book ideas for the younger reader.

My son never liked Tashi much, but many of the others are on our hits and memories list.

At the moment the Noodle is reading a million words a millisecond so we have become great friends with the Woden Library, and with Canty's second hand bookshop. They don't have a website, but it is undoubtedly the best second hand bookshop I've ever strolled into. It even has Diana Wynne Jones books. It's in Fyshwick, along with the furniture, toilet and car repair shops.

Oh, and in another news my Mum was arrested yesterday afternoon for protesting the demolition of the yacht club in Cairns. She's got a three month good behaviour bond and no conviction recorded. I never got arrested when I was an activist. *sulks*


ThirdCat said...

I wish no one here liked Tashi. We've got it constantly. Books. CDs. Books. CDs. I used to love him, but the over-familiarity is grinding me down.

moomintrolls has been a bit of a hit here lately. Though I am wondering how long until I feel the same way about them as I do about Tashi.

Ampersand Duck said...

Good on ya, mum!

We've never entered the world of Tashi, although it's been offered to us. I wish there were no 'books' of toys or movie tie-ins, like (retch) Bionicles or (hurl) Pokemon. They seem to be all my boy wants to read, although he'll listen to audiobooks of the good stuff.

I *love* Diana Wynne Jones. I have most of a bookshelf devoted to her. She's top of my re-reading list when I'm bed-bound.

Good news about the Noodle's tests, too. Good to be able to strike things off the list!