Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Home again, home again.

Back from our brief sojourn in Sydney. I've decided I like Randwick better than Glebe.

The tests were very useful today. It looks like the Noodle has a neuropathy rather than a myopathy. That's nerves instead of muscles. The process of finding out more will continue indefinitely, but this knocks certain possibilities out completely, for the very first time. Which is great, really. It still might be a mitochondrial thing, or it might not.

The next thing to be done is some tests on the Manly Sensitive Funny Clever Husband and on me. Those can be done here in Canberra (because they treat grownups here apparently). I think the Noodle is tickled that someone else will finally be tortured. I've tried to explain to him about how many blood tests I had when I was pregnant, but it never wins me any brownie points.

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