Thursday, October 16, 2008


We stopped in Goulburn on the way to Sydney. It's only about an hour from Canberra, so stopping wasn't strictly necessary. But the sign said the town was historical, so who could resist.

And it was indeed old. We parked outside the courthouse, a suitably large and imposing Victorian structure adorned with many busloads of tourists. Across the road was a park, with very green lawns and flowers aplenty.

Next door was the Rose Cafe, which was frankly worth an hours drive for the variety of pies in the fridge and the variety of pinks on the wall. Plus the people working there were astonishingly friendly and pleasant.

The drive from Canberra to Sydney is actually more than tolerable all the way until you hit Campbelltown. It may be the most interesting stretch of highway in existence - the southern highlands crop up just when you think things might get dull.

We didn't stop at the Big Merino this time. It didn't seem to need us.

The image comes from the Goulburn Mulwaree council.


Kimi said...

We stayed the weekend in Goulburn once, in a rather nice old hotel with a very good restaurant. The rooms were modern, motel-y and fairly basic, but the food made up for it.

When I saw that giant merino, I knew how to respond henceforth to Aussie jokes about Kiwis and sheep.

Penthe said...

The Big Merino makes me proud to be Australian. *ahem*