Saturday, October 11, 2008


The husband has announced that he would like to be known as The Manly Husband, Husband Known as Clint (Eastwood, that is), Husband Known as Wife or Housewife Husband from now on.

Or Husband with the Rippling Chest.


Ampersand Duck said...

Wow, there's a wide divide between The Manly Husband and Husband Known as Wife. Both equally awesome, of course. Bumblebee just asked me today to refer to him on the blog as 'Servant Monkey-Butt', but I talked him out of that one.

Penthe said...

I think he's trying to cross the bridge between Manly Husband and Husband Known as Wife. Somehow.

It all started because he was jealous that I didn't call him Best Beloved, so you are indirectly to blame for that outburst.