Saturday, October 18, 2008

Election fever

I voted in the ACT election today. My first territory vote ever. A whole new system!

The ABC is running election coverage with Antony Green. Even if you don't like democracy, it's worth it just to see Mr Green engaging with his laptop and electoral counts. In fact, I reckon it's a shame we don't get to vote more often because then he could have a regular show. It's one argument against fixed terms on my opinion.

In other good news the local primary school was running a sausage sizzle to celebrate election day. I was heartily disappointed at the dreadful lack of election fund-raising efforts at Ipswich polling booths. Today was a minimal, but honest, effort. My huzzahs for best ever electoral fundraising go to 1. the Anglican church at Bulimba - sausage sizzles, scones, bric-a-brac, cake stall and oodles of good will and 2. Ithaca Creek Primary - sausage sizzles, lamingtons, second-hand books and advice on enrollment for small children. What is an election without a sausage in white bread with tomato sauce, I ask you? Another argument against fixed terms.

I'm barracking for our rocket scientist candidate. Not because of his party, but because he is a realio, trulio rocket scientist. He should be on the ticket with a brain surgeon to make us the smartest electorate in the world.

Actually I'm in favour of fixed terms.

And I just thought - Antony Green's not getting any younger. What happens when he retires? *aghast*


Arevanye said...

Hold on, they serve FOOD at your elections? Best. Idea. Ever.

Zoe said...

Totally with you on the rocket scientist, who is also a decorated war hero against Teh War. Other excellent things about him:

- he has a pirate fundraiser each year on "Talk like a Pirate Day" on a boat and everything;
- when asked if he'd ever smoked dope by the media he replied "of course, and I like a couple of drinks too".

We must get him elected next time.

Penthe said...

Good to hear there's more positives on the rocket scientist. He's also in favour of decent public transport, and sent me a charming post card. You don't get all that in one candidate usually. You don't get that in one party usually.