Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Art, high art?

Last night was the school concert, Broadway Style! Perhaps I blame the Simpsons. But it wasn't really Broadway style, even though very musical.

The Noodle's class provided highlights from the Lion King, complete with lions (Noodle was Mufasa), zebras, leopards and diverse birds. They sang along to excerpts of The Circle of Life and Hakuna Matata. Confusing choreography, but naturally delightful.

Other highlights were grade 3/4 doing bits and pieces from The Pirates of Penzance. They essayed the whole modern major general thing with aplomb, and one of them even managed to enunciate all the words. Audience of doting parents (and less doting parents of children not in grade 3/4) all impressed.

Grade 5/6 did snippets from Grease. One young lassie sang up a storm. Definitely has a future on Australian Idol if she wants it. Or a career in music, whatever. The kids looked like they were having a wild and crazy time. It was like something from the movie Fame except completely acted out by kids with normal singing and dancing abilities. One girl looked authentically 1950s, which is very un-Grease in my opinion. Her mother must have done some serious research into hair styles and so on.

Certainly the concert was much more exciting than the ones I used to do at primary school. I remember a lot of Jingle Bells and the occasional Frere Jacques. And once, maybe, singing along to a cassette of Sailing. But I hope that's just a fever-dream.

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Christopher Cross? Now there lies some memories...