Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas envy

I am suffering a terrible lack of festive spirit overkill this year. Despite Boney M.

The Husband feels that a Christmas tree is unnecessary, since we will be away for Christmas. And I have been too tired and preoccupied with work to assert my natural Christmas nazi-tude and either demand or obtain one. So we have no tree, and no decos. Which is putting me not in the mood for carols, gift-wrapping and general foolishness. Which is what I like doing at this time of year, because it's an excuse to sing loudly, get overexcited and boss other people around a bit but sound not totally horrendous while doing it. So I'm feeling robbed.

The Husband did design highly amusing (to us anyway) Christmas cards, featuring Julia Gillard as an angel of the Lord, or Parliament House with star above and wise men arriving.
But I am so dissatisfied with this whole climate change announcement that I don't find them quite as charming as I did last week (although I refuse to believe that Julia is responsible).

Yesterday I was dumped out of the novel I was reading with a nasty imaginary bump because I realised I didn't like it no, not one bit. Even though many of the settings were familiar, which usually makes a person forgive quite a bit in a book. And I was on the bus, because I am always on the bus, and all I wanted to do was sing Christmas carols, and I couldn't because I was on the bus, and I've been feeling quite peevish ever since.

And tomorrow is the work Christmas party, and only one person has put decorations up in the office. I haven't put any up either, because I don't care, but I find I only don't care so long as someone else does.

Or otherwise I'm just tired and cranky and half my brain is already on holidays and it's got nothing to do with Christmas at all.

Plus I'm nearly 37, which feels like a lot older than 36.


Ampersand Duck said...

You too, huh? I haven't the strength to drag out the tinsel bag, and we're going away yadda yadda yadda. But at least I'm not in an office. There's the blessing.

kazari said...

I did drag out the tinsel bag, but it's stayed on the couch.
We AREN'T going away, but with just the two of us, it doesn't feel christmassy.
I keep thinking I'll go to bunnings and buy a little spruce in a pot, but
that's as far as I get.

Suse said...

45 sounds a whole lot older than 44.

I'm just saying.

Straight 'n narrow said...

We found the Christmas cards HIGHLY amusing. Everything will be alright once Christmas Angel Julia usurpes santa claus, maybe you'll even get your Christmas spirit back.