Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nerves of steel

The Husband and I had our nerve conduction studies this afternoon. Nothing at all wrong with our nerves. Which does nothing to explain why we are frequently highly strung. But there you go. Perhaps it is a wandering womb or somesuch.

I suppose this means more testing for the poor old Noodle. And more thinking for the neurologist, but that's OK because she likes doing that.

I had really, really hoped that if one of us adult types had the same problem with our nerves then it would mean a nice simple diagnosis for the Noodle from here on in. You'd think I would have given up travelling down that there primrose path by now, wouldn't you?

Also, the nerve conduction study feels really quite nasty, so if your kid is ever having one and you think they are creating out of proportion, then they probably aren't. I had to look out the window at the nice scenery and breathe very firmly to myself.

Also I had my first ride on my new bike today. I may have nerves of steel, but I definitely have muscles of jelly, or possibly chocolate mousse.


Anonymous said...
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ThirdCat said...

well, I think after doing nerve conduction tests you would deserve a chocolate mousse. And not because it would have felt horrible, but because having your babes around anything medical is so heart wrenching. Every single time.

Ampersand Duck said...

Wot she said.

Plus! Soon you will have CALVES OF STEEL.