Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Comfort food

So now I am full as a googins with lasagne and pavlova and also with chocolate coated fruit and nuts. And slightly full, but not skin-full, of Redman Coonawarra Shiraz.

All of which makes me think two things:
1. Don't consult the Noodle when catering birthday dinners for adults
2. I am still living in 1976, except now I am a grown-up instead of a tiny moppet.

The husband known as a better cook than everyone on the planet except Maggie Beer has suggested Beef Bourgoignon (cannot spell it or say it either) plus chocolate mousse for my birthday, so he must be living in the seventies as well.

A person no longer gets an effort-free belly laugh whenever insulting Malcolm Fraser, though.

1 comment:

kazari said...

You have to start with prawn cocktail! With parsley on it : )