Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nine years is not long enough

Happily really, since it is our ninth wedding anniversary this week.

Getting married was great. The whole standing up in front of people saying vows, celebrating, eating cake process was terrific.

Being married is better though. Although if I accidentally found myself married to someone other than the Husband Who Knows More About the AFL Draft Than Seems Humanly Possible I would clearly form a different, indeed a violently opposed, view.

While I sometimes worry about the future happiness of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, and remain unconvinced about the wisdom of actually marrying Mr Rochester, I have never entertained any doubts about the wisdom of marrying the Husband (despite his high levels of interest in Clint Eastwood). Lucky, because we are only partly fictional.

We never quite seem to celebrate our anniversaries with the kind of wild abandon and hang-the-expense enthusiasm that seems warranted though. I wonder what other people do?


Ampersand Duck said...

Happy anniversary! It's a great time of year to get married, isn't it?

I don't worry about Elizabeth and Darcy. I worry about Sabrina and Linus. Once they settled down I could just see him settling back into his bad working habits.

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabrina_(1954_film),just in case you're not into the movie)

Anonymous said...

You are not alone, today is also the 9th (moving in together) anniversary of a friend of mine, they are also still crazy about each other. This is very encouraging six weeks out from my own wedding.

Penthe said...

Hello Melinda - how lovely to see you here! Wishing you all the joys and delights in the world for your wedding.

And see you soon.

Kimi said...


We've tended to let our anniversaries slip by, apart from the ones of supposed numerical significance. A DVD and upmarket takeaways are our idea of a wild, no expense spared celebration.