Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Australia Day

Read the Honours Lists. I like lists. No one I know won a public service medal this year. Sandra Sully won an award though, for services to foreign affairs reporting and rural reporting. Jacqui Weaver was nominated for an Oscar. The Oscar award choosing process seems a bit more transparent than the Australia Day Honours choosing process.

At the supermarket this morning there was a sign exhorting the check out people to wear Australian colours, either yellow and green or the flag colours of blue, white and red. My check out person was wearing a white t-shirt with 'PEACE' written in blue, with a deconstructed US flag underneath. I liked her style.

A man pulled into the car park in a station wagon, opened the boot, pulled out a shopping trolley and trundled it over to the trolley parking bit. He was embarrassed, and volunteered the information that the trolley had been at his son's house for five years. I wondered if returning it was patriotism. My mind sprang to milk crates and missing street signs, and I wondered if the man was going to be driving all over the territory returning things today.


Roger Parkinson said...

Spring clean?
Most of us just have our own junk to clear out. Other people have bigger issues.

Penthe said...

Roger, it's 37 degrees here. Anyone doing spring cleaning in Canberra today is stark, staring mad.

Of course, I am baking, so I too am a little bit disarranged in my thinking today, because the last thing our house needs is an internal heat source.