Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I am baking cake

Well, not right this second, but soon.

Given that I am never quite sure if cooking is relaxing or stressful, it is probably a good thing that the family is interstate. Not intestate, though. Legal minds can tell us if you can be intestate while you are alive or if you have to be dead.

It will be a chocolate cake. It will contain nuts. It will not contain raspberries because I am a chicken.

This post is a nightmare for the literal minded.


Roger Parkinson said...

I think you can be intestate and alive if you are a vampire, assuming 'alive' and 'undead' are legally equivalent. I'm fairly sure that has never been tested in an actual court though. (Note that I am not a lawyer so this should be construed to be an actual legal opinion). Zombies are, of course, quite different.

Would your cake contain chicken if you were a raspberry? Or would it contain raspberries if you were some other kind of bird like maybe an emu or a galah?

Shayne Parkinson said...

It's not literally a nightmare, though.