Saturday, January 29, 2011

By the time we hit St Vincents, I mean Canberra Hospital

Old junior has had to go back into hospital for a few days. This time he stayed in Canberra. It is much easier being in hospital in your home town, or at least it is easier on your parents.

He has now been in hospitals in Barcelona, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney. There are many letters in the alphabet yet to go, but I am hoping we complete none of them.

I am supposed to be having a little rest before I go back to the hospital for the night shift. But it is too hot to rest and I have eaten too much chocolate to feel rest-needy even though I am quite, quite tired. The husband has done the past two night shifts on the creaky folding bed in the ward. I am tired because last night I went to watch Paul Kelly's L-S show at the Canberra Theatre. Night Three is a mixed bag, he said and he was right.

The kid and I were supposed to go together but this whole hospital event put a stop to that. It was very kind of the husband to insist on me going.

Hopefully the kid will be discharged some time tomorrow. His numbers are going in the right directions, and he is feeling pretty much fine apart from the irritations of blood tests and drips and so on and so forth. I think he is missing the specialists in Sydney, though. No one here is quite as funny as them.


ThirdCat said...

I'm so sorry to read this. That's not cool news. Hospitals, especially the kiddly parts of them, suck. Apart from the fact that they improve our lives, but other than that they suck.

I hope he is able to go home soon, I really do.


Ampersand Duck said...

I'm also sorry to read this. Good on your hubby for making you go to see PK. Did he draw tears?

I hope Junior is doing well and that he is out soon.

Roger Parkinson said...

"I think he is missing the specialists in Sydney, though. No one here is quite as funny as them."

I'll take that as a good sign and hope he's out soon.

Shayne Parkinson said...

I hope he's home again soon, Pen.

Penthe said...

Kid home, and all good. Yes, Roger, the kid was not so sick this time, much more engaged in his environment.

PK did draw tears.

Roger Parkinson said...

I am glad to hear he is back.