Thursday, January 13, 2011

Transport and communication

In the olden days transport and communication were put together into one government department, because they would build the telegraph and the road or railway together in long, long lines across the country, and the infrastructure went together.

In the present day the phones are down in Gailes and the roads are still blocked between Gailes and the airport, and my son is in Gailes and frankly I think it was time he was home.

Excess water is bad for transport and communication, but that's not why they used to be in one department, actually. It is always nice to catch a train so you can visit someone and say hello, though.


ThirdCat said...

Quite a couple of months you've had, Pen. I hope he gets home soon.


Roger Parkinson said...

We don't exactly expect disasters of this scale so close to home. It must be hard to stay calm while the little guy's up there. I hope he's back soon.

I'm reminded of my usual comment when communication and transport comes up. It wasn't so very long ago that the fastest a message could travel was the speed of a galloping horse and people were necessarily vague about time because no one had clocks or supermarkets.

We've come a long way, though maybe in Queensland they aren't thinking that just now.

Penthe said...

Looks like we will get him back tomorrow, thanks to the Gateway and Logan Motorways not being sludge pits.

Revie said...

Pen, I would be frantic. I'm glad to hear he will be home very soon. It's one thing to have natural disasters occur, it's another to have one separate you from your child.

Ampersand Duck said...

Blame teh Department of Infrastructure. Why not.

I hope he gets home soon. What a kerfuffle.