Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It seems that most of our Brisbane and Ipswich friends and relations have houses above flood levels. Mark that up to codger-power, and tales of the 1974 floods.

The kid has been staying with his Nana in Gailes, but latest reports say the water lapped the house but didn't come in. Now I am glad she doesn't live closer to the train line.

I guess he'll get home when the roads are passable again. Lucky Nana always has an amply stocked pantry.


Shayne Parkinson said...

Good to know. I was wondering how your northern rellies were. I keep thinking of more and more Kiwis we know who live in or near Brisbane.

I can just remember the flood that went through our small town when I was little - mainly things like seeing a neighbour rowing along the main street. Fortunately NZ houses were typically built on wooden piles in those days, so the water only went about a foot deep in our house (and I remember being excited, not scared).

Our newspapers are full of amazing pictures from Queensland. And the thought of the clean-ups when the water finally goes down...

Roger Parkinson said...

You know, don't you? That those of us who RSS your blog see every time you post... even when you delete it later. We don't see the content (I guess that is what 'delete' means) but we do see the heading. So when you do that I have the fun of inacurately imagining what you deleted using only the heading.

What fun!

Penthe said...

Heh heh, a taste of evil.