Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hon Joe Hockey

Facebook wanted to know if Joe Hockey was a friend of mine.

It seems I have a more politically diverse group of online (and real life) acquaintances than I thought. I wish this didn't make me feel as smug as it does. I don't really care to analyse my feelings either (because self-congratulatory tolerance is usually prejudice masquerading as something nicer, and it's usually a pretty thin veneer at that, and I quite like the person who I believe is responsible for this in the it's a pleasure to see them unexpectedly kind of way and I still like them even post-chat).

I must say, though, that some people inhabiting positions that seem extremely, ludicrously, climate-change denyingly right wing to me describe themselves as moderate. I can only imagine how remote from moderate they think I am. Actually, I don't have to imagine it. I am sure they think that I am extremely, ludicrously, climate-change radically left wing.

However, I think that the Hon Joe Hockey can exist without online expressions of good will from me today.

I'd be utterly charmed to friend Bob Brown, though. Or the local rocket scientist.


ThirdCat said...

Joe Hockey, through a particularly excellent quote I heard on the radio, has provided me with the set-up for what is proving to be a most excellent joke. For that, I love him and would be his friend. We just wouldn't be able to talk about anything except my hilarious joke.

Penthe said...

Am desperate to hear the joke, of course.