Friday, November 14, 2008

Life without fury

I was just reading back over some of my earliest posts, and realising how angry and upset I was back then. I don't think I was quite aware at the time. Lucky, possibly. I felt bad enough though.

Anyway, it's made me realise what a good thing the move to Canberra has been for all of us. I'm supposed to be writing mini-job applications today for my permanent placement next year, and I've been feeling a bit cheesed off about it, because it's a lovely blue day outside, and there's biscuits to be cooked, and it's Saturday for heaven's sake.

But when I look back at all the problems we had in Queensland - the constant worries about education, about health care, about transport - and think about the almost complete lack of worry I have about those things here, I'm so so so glad that the Government gave me a job where Canberra was the only option. Because otherwise I probably would never have hauled myself out of Brisbane.

I do miss some things a great deal. I heartily miss the wonderful people at the Rehabilitation Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital. A more fun, kind, supportive and blooming useful group of people could not possibly exist on the planet. And I miss my Dad. Lots. I miss the Noodle's other grandparents lots too. And my dear beloved friends in Inala. I miss them so much I could just kidnap them and keep them in our garage.

And Canberra is not problem-free. The need to travel to Sydney for anything other than basic healthcare is expensive, for example, although we are getting to know Randwick quite well.

But the feeling that things are better than they could be is intoxicating.

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aztec-rose said...

I grew up in Canberra and now live in Brisbane. I still remember, the excellent school I went to and how organised everthing was and for a long time missed Canberra a lot. Now after living abroad, I chose to live back in Brisbane, and bring up my daughter here. But if I got a job back in Canberra, I know I'd jump at the chance, because my childhood was so happy there.