Monday, November 3, 2008

Melbourne Cup Day

We went down to the ACTTAB to place our bets. The husband dropped a massive eight dollars total - two dollars each way on Mad Rush and another horse who didn't win whose name I forget already. I dropped a massive four dollars - one dollar each way on Nom de Jeu and Alessandra Volta. I had my money's worth out of Alessandra Volta's temporary lead.

The Noodle spent one dollar each way on C'est le Guerre. He won $7.80, of which the husband returned $5.80 to the son, since the son prudently refused to gamble his own money this morning. The Noodle spent $3.00 on a vanilla cornetto and his put the rest in his money tin.

He also suggested that if he had a race horse he'd call it 'Horse'.

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