Sunday, November 2, 2008


Our house has been a bit stressy lately. Actually, that's not true - there has been no earthquakes or subsidence or mudslides to stress the house. It's the people inside the house that have been anxious and irritable.

The husband has submitted his thesis. He's in that twilight world of waiting for the results and wondering what to do next.

The son has been doing assessment at school. I don't remember being stressed about assessment when I was in Grade 1. Actually I'm not sure if I even noticed there was such a thing. More proof that my child is smarter than me. But he claims he's worrying about that, so I suppose I must believe him.

I have been worrying about work. It's been like the experience of doing group work at uni, where one group member never turns up until the day before assessment, and then insists on forcing the rest of the group to change everything. Except, unlike uni, you don't get to complain to the tutor about what a prat this other group member was. You just have to accept that you all look like prats and get on with the next thing.

Also the adults have been drinking too much coffee.

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Ampersand Duck said...

Very delayed reaction, but WOOT! to The Husband. Hope he's finding his way out of the moony phase now.