Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So, Obama wins the presidency

I was especially busy with a particularly pointless bit of labour while at work today, so I didn't get to hear the speech or anything. But I did manage to find a few moments to visit the Washington Post and find out the news. I was quite astonished that McCain had conceded so soon. But then looking at the figures I guess he had no choice.

The cynical part of me thinks that nothing much will change in the world, but the optimistic part of me thinks that something pretty amazing has already changed. I'm so heartened that so many Americans rejected the cynical battle metaphors of the Republicans, and rejected the assumption that it's perfectly OK to take money from the poor to redistribute to the rich, but it's somehow dirty to take money from the rich to redistribute to the poor.

On the teev Kerry O'Brien is giving Wayne Swan a hard time. Frankly, it's an uneven contest. Swan sounds like he might cry.


blue milk said...

Oh you must YouTube the Obama speech (and even the McCain one) and then you'll be swept up in buckets of wet emotion like us. Gotta love a good speech.

Anonymous said...

I had a sick day on the sofa. I would have rather been at work frankly, since it was a tedious kind of illness, but I did get to watch every single moment of CNN coverage on SBS.