Wednesday, November 12, 2008


In what seems like an astonishing and unprecedented event we actually finished something at work today.

I feel like cracking open the bubbles. Or going to sleep for a month, one or the other.


Suse said...

Well done on your sense of achievement. I almost finished something at work today, but then I gave up and had another cup of tea

I think you could make the skirt just fine. It is really very very simple and it doesn't matter when you can't for the life of you work out which side the zip goes on, because the front and back appear identical to me, despite having separate pattern pieces.

It is a 4 piece pattern - a front, a back, a front facing and a back facing. No waistband! No elastic! Just a zip, and if you put it in by hand and then sew over your hand stitches, (I learnt that one the hard way) you'll be fine.

I'm rambling. It's fine! It's easy! Even *I* couldn't muck it up!

Thanks for finding my blog, so I could find yours.

Penthe said...

Yep, that sounds doable. So I will. If I can get work finished at work I can achieve anything.