Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Luckily there's a damn fine post about what's it like in a hospital ward with kids and other families over at Ramping It Up, so I don't have to write about it.

I love you other bloggers, doing my work for me.


Charlotte said...

Gee. Just wanted to say that I hope it all gets better soon.

Roger Parkinson said...

This must be all a hell of a worry, not to mention the sheer hassle factor. I hope he's back home soon.

Penthe said...

Hey Roger, we are all home safe and sound, sorry I didn't make it clear. Hence the roast beef and mousse to celebrate (the link seemed perfectly clear in my head, it just didn't make it out of my head - can you imagine the briefings I provide to my poor, long-suffering minister?).

My kid was nowhere near as ill as Morgaine was, I am just piggy backing Ramping It Up's vastly superior descriptive skills for what it's like on the ward with children.