Thursday, September 30, 2010

A self of one's own

Work continues on maintaining one's self, in relation to one's self, rather than only in relation to external things (even very close and beloved external things such as child and husband, or life-sustaining and useful external things, such as work).

Of course, it may be rather self-ish, I don't deny.

Things that I have been doing:
  • personal trainer with a colleague at work (one of those colleagues with whom there is such sympathy that I hope she becomes a proper friend)
  • belly dancing with a colleague who is quite bossy, but very funny company
  • attending trivia night next week (with work colleagues - anyone seeing a pattern here?)
  • study (which is actually kind of work related I suppose, a lot really)
  • reading.
Things I have not been doing:
  • writing (except for blogging).
  • spending time maintaining non-work friendships with non-electronically connected friends in far-flung places (ie places where I used to live but don't any more).
  • making non-work friends.
A person is starting to feel a big head of researching and writing steam building up. If I don't write it could get nasty. If I do write it could get nasty.

I need an exercise book.

At work I am acting up. I love that it's called that. I am being a person who is a person who gets paid more than I get paid to do responsible work. Despite trying to find a successful and integrated self generally, it's quite fun to pretend to be someone else for a while, and get paid more to do it as well. Also, it gives me more confidence about my work than you might think. I like being a person who is considered a responsible person.

One day I promise I will write about something that isn't myself.

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