Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update on the kid

Well, here we are in the glorious metropolis of Sydney, where the kid was transferred on Sunday night. Neurologists, it seems, can be nervous nellies just like rest of us (although presumably they know which particular nerves are involved). The kid is fine and so on, but the specialists wanted him close to hand just in case. He is improving like anything and is expressing firm views on everything. He is eerily cheerful, though. I think lying in bed with as many books to read as possible and an assortment of random science information as his 'schoolwork' is pretty much his dream life anyway. If only there was cricket on TV as well.

I also managed to negotiate the shower on the ward this morning, so I am also feeling pretty good (and so are the nurses' noses no doubt). The kid is expressing irritation that he needs to keep cleaning his teeth, even though in hospital.

The husband is taking the night shift tonight, having driven over from the heart of the nation this morning. I am going to the hotel to have a beep-free sleep and a proper shower.


The Kid - everything on the planet including Samurai Kids (again), The Lives of Christopher Chant, The Silver Chair, Horrible Histories, Nanny Piggins again (glad to hear others are finding it hilarious as well), random science facts.

Me - hard to tell, because every time I start reading I wake up ten minutes later snoring and drooling.


ThirdCat said...

that sounds like not much fun...I am thinking of you, and really do hope you'll be home again soon. Take care. xxx

aztec-rose said...

All the best to you, hubby and noodle. Nothing like good reading for healing.