Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sick,sick of waiting

Little to report.

Work goes on in its bizarre, no-government kind of way. The list of things that needs to be done when the government comes back grows ever longer. We hope and hope that we'll have a decision soon so we can get started on it. The luxury of time is becoming a burden on us all.

The kid is a little bit sick today. Which rather spoiled our father's day plans, so the husband will have to be content with a modified day and very minimal presentage.

Plus the weather is rather extreme, so I have not yet exercised my right to drive unaccompanied.

But we haven't had an earthquake. So that's nice for us.


Roger Parkinson said...

No earthquakes is the recommended state.
Fortunately for us it was too far south to even feel it. Not so fortunate for those closer, though. So we, too, are in the recommended state even if we are in the shaky isles.

Actually the top end of NZ rarely gets shaken. The fault lines lose interest and wander off out to sea before they get this far north. Once at sea they get busy making undersea volcanoes and things called hot smokers where new life can evolve. This is far more exciting, for the new life anyway.

Hope the kid is feeling better and you get to drive soon.

Penthe said...

Well, thank you to the good residents of New Zealand for enduring shakes and risks to life and architecture on behalf of new life.

I already thought New Zealanders sounded pretty ace, but that is something else. Love you guys.