Saturday, September 11, 2010


Big day at our house.

The husband cleaned the kitchen while I postponed cleaning the bathroom. I did manage to cook a roast (with tasty red wine sauce) and chocolate mousse. The great thing about tasty red wine sauce is the left-over tasty red wine. A sip or two has been just the ticket after a rather trying week.

The kid progresses extremely well. Yesterday morning he could not sit up by himself, and today he was sitting at this very computer playing computer games. He sat up for his breakfast and dinner, but took his luncheon reclining.

This morning he needed help to balance when walking, but can now manage by himself, although slightly teetery). He stepped up three steps this afternoon with only minimal help. It's hard to believe that he could not move his legs at all at the start of the week and was in such pain that he needed quite serious pain relief from the hospital.

His spirits remain high, so long as there are novels, card games and computer games available. He is keen to get back to school.

On other fronts, it seems we now have a proper government with ministers and everything, so it'll be a good time to get back to the Best Department Evah, although it won't be for a few days yet because the kid still needs monitoring and therapy and has lots of follow-up appointments this week.

And now I wish I had eaten a bit less dinner. Ow.


Charlotte said...

Chocolate mousse--yum! I hope your boy continues to get better!

Shayne Parkinson said...

Taking one's luncheon reclining does lend such elegance to the proceedings.

I hope he continues to improve.