Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So much to say, so little to say it with

The words, they are not interested in coming today. And I don't feel like making them.


Roger Parkinson said...

Is everything okay?
Your post could be interpreted tragically.
Hopefully just a short sentence day?

Penthe said...

Just short sentence day, and also some serious thinking to be done that isn't word ready yet. No tragedy.

Appreciate your kindness very, very much, though.

Kate said...

Hey, Pen, I hadn't caught up with you for a while, and so felt for you very much when reading the progress from your boy being a bit sick on father's day, to a Sydney hospital not much later. But fantastic to hear he's recovering so well.
I think you do extraoardinarily well to post so regularly, even when there's so much swirling around you that the words just can't come.
So very best wishes - and eeek! on the driving front. (It's new enough for me, too, to find it both liberating and stressful. And I really do wish other people would use their indicators.)
And here's to the sanity of reading for everyone (and the sanity, perhaps, of finally having a government).