Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little bit sick

The little bit sick kid is spending a few days in hospital - he seems to be fine but they are taking a cautious approach because of his history and existing condition. Hopefully we'll all be home tomorrow.

I'm taking a short break at home to have a shower and eat some food and get that weird hospital taste out of my mouth, and then I'll be back while the husband takes a break this afternoon. The kid has run out of books to read, so I have to get back pretty quickly. I stayed last night, and I can tell you, the fold out bed is enough to damage your back to levels requiring hospitalisation in itself.

Nice nurses, one major spillage incident (apple juice, soapy water, clean towels), no coffee allowed on the wards!!! The apple danishes at the downstairs cafe are flakey delights, the coffee is close to vile.

Kid is in good spirits, but a bit fed up. He does not see the value in Cartoon Network.

Lucky I got my licence last week, eh.


Shayne Parkinson said...

Poor little bit sick kid. I hope you'll all be back home soon.

ThirdCat said...

Take care of yourself and of your little one. I hope he is soon home again. Little ones and hospitals = not awesome.

Can you pass on my thanks for introducing us to the delight that is nanny piggins? I hadn't heard of it, bought them for the lads and they have not stopped laughing since.

Roger Parkinson said...

I hope he's better soon. Sounds like it is tough on all of you. I just love "He does not see the value in Cartoon Network."

mimbles said...

Dang, that's no good! Hope you're all back to sleeping in your own beds very soon.

Charlotte said...

Oh, sorry to hear that--I too hope he's better soon!